Pacha Aquatic Center
Whether you are looking for a workout, swim lessons, or just fun, our heated pools will meet your needs!
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Indoor Pool
Open year-round, featuring six lane, 25 meter lap area, diving board and observation deck.
Hours: 6am-9pm Weekdays; 8am-6pm Weekends; Please see schedule below for exact times of activities such as lap swim, aqua fitness classes, and evening swim lessons. Open swim indoors will be available Friday, Saturday & Sunday afternoons. Access will be from inside the Community Center. 
Outdoor Pool
Open during the summer months, featuring two large water slides, large splash bucket play feature and small interactive play features. Swim lessons take place Weekday mornings, member access at 12(Noon) and daily drop-ins at 1:00pm. Access will be at outside concessions window and gate. Summer camps/group usage needs to be reserved prior to arriving. Preset date/time by appointment only is determined by Aquatics Supervisor. 
Swim Lessons
Both group and private swim lessons are offered year-round and are in high demand. Progression includes the following:
Parent & Tot (6 months-2 years)
This class gives adult caretakers a chance to interact with children in the water while leading them through fun water activities. This class focuses on water acclimation and basic skills. The goal is to acquaint kids to the water with parental assistance. An adult must accompany each child.
Tadpoles (Age 3)
This class is designed for the young swimmer wanting to learn aquatic skills independent of caretaker. This class teaches beginner skills while increasing swimmers’ comfort in the water. Prerequisites: Children must be able to be in a class setting in the pool and follow an instructor’s directions. 
Level 1 (Age 4 or passed Tadpoles)
This class teaches children to be comfortable submerging their heads in the water. This level also includes practicing: front float with face in the water and with support, back float with support, roll from front float to back float and back float to front float with support, front and back glides with sup-port, paddling on front with face in the water with support and paddling on back with support.
Level 2 (Passed Level 1)
This level has similar skills as Level 1 but will provide practice of completing skills independently and with increased distance. Free-style and backstroke will be completed independently. All glides and floats on front and back will be completed independently as well. Prerequisites: Front float with face in water with support, back float with support, roll from front float to back float and back float to front float with support, paddling arms and legs on front and back with support, paddling on front with face in water.
Level 3 (Passed Level 2)
This level includes increased distance of freestyle and backstroke as well as front glide and back glide. Elementary backstroke arms and legs and breaststroke arms are introduced in this level and completed independently. Also, rolling from front to back while gliding will be taught. Prerequisites: Font and back float independently, front and back glide 10 feet independently, roll from front float to back float and back float to front float independently, swim freestyle and backstroke 10 feet independently.
Level 4 (Passed Level 3)
This level continues increasing distance for for freestyle and backstroke to 10 yards. Rotary breathing for freestyle is introduced in this level along with dolphin kick, and breaststroke. Elementary backstroke arms and legs are put together for the first time in this level. Prerequisites: Freestyle and backstroke 15 feet, elementary backstroke arms in-dependently, elementary backstroke legs independently, breast-stroke arms, and rolling from front to back while gliding.
Level 5 (Passed Level 4)
This level continues increasing endurance for freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke to 15 yards. Diving, sidestroke, butterfly arms, breaststroke arms and legs together and treading water are all introduced in this level. Prerequisites: Freestyle with rotary breathing 10 yards, backstroke 10 yards, elementary backstroke with arms and legs together, dolphin kick and breaststroke kick.
Level 6 (Passed Level 5)
This level is the final level on our program. This class will continue building endurance for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke. Butterfly arms and legs will be put together. Other introduced skills will be flip turns, surface dive (fully submerged), long dive with a glide of 2 body lengths and then swim, compact dive. Prerequisites: Freestyle 15 yards, tread 30 seconds, backstroke for 15 yards, breaststroke 15 yards, open turn, elementary backstroke 15 yards and butterfly arms.
To register for swim lessons, return to Home Page and select Programs Tab.
Aquatic Supervisor: Ashley Bjork -; 319-626-5707 

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